Telescope Task Users

Definitely! Telescope was designed as a project management application to benefit any number of users!

Telescope requires a bare minimum of two users including the account holder.

Telescope is only available in the United States. Future versions will be available globally.

Telescope’s intuitive user interface was created to simplify task management and provide a way to create and alter a project in its most basic form possible.

There are six different user levels, designed to control which users have access to certain features in Telescope. They are as follows:

Level 6- Owner:  Owner has all privileges of level 5 plus can delete or add administrators. Everything is unlocked for level 6. This is the account holder’s user level, or the highest level.
Level 5- Administrator: Everything that level 4 (Manager) can do plus complete access to admin section (addition of billing section as compared to level 4).
Level 4- Manager: Everything that a Leader/Editor can do plus access to “Projects, Timeclock, and Users” section of Admin section. This level is ideal for managers.
Level 3- Leader/Editor:  Can create, edit, and view. This level is best for team leaders.
Level 2- User: User can login, view and mark items complete. This is the standard user level.
Level 1- Viewer: Can login and view only. This is a restricted level for read-only privileges.

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