Telescope Task Features

Interactive Calendar: Displays upcoming, current, completed and overdue projects. Notifications: Keeps all users up to date on what’s going on. Projects: Creation and management of projects, tasks, sub-tasks and notes. Users: Shows user credential levels (1-6) and who is currently online. Timeclock: Where users can clock-in/clock-out as they work. Settings: Where users manage their profile and password. Admin: Where admins manage user levels, settings and billing.

Yes, the web version of Telescope is also used to facilitate user access and billing.

Telescope currently displays notifications inside the web/mobile app when logged in. Text messages and email notifications are currently not supported.

Telescope is a constantly improving task management application. Currently, Telescope does not offer any third party integrations. In the future, these features will be offered as add-on’s to optimize your task management needs.

An iOS version of Telescope Task is currently in development.